About Us

T-dog is a lot of things to a lot of people!

We love our tee's, hoodies, beanies, and sweatshirts. It started purely because the founder, Jonathan, couldn't find some designs he was after, so had some designed. Then he stumbled on some awesome designers over in Brazil, and really wanted to get their designs on some t-shirts.

That's when it all happened. Jonathan had his own first t-shirt printed, and when it was delivered, he was ecstatic! 

Although we've also experienced some not so good quality t-shirts that we've printed on, so now we produce every garment we sell and test it thoroughly. Washing it, wearing it, washing it again, and wearing it again, until at least each garment has been through a dozen washes and the t-shirt, hoodie, beanie or whatever we've got has been put through it's paces.

Only then will we be satisfied the quality is good enough to sell on t-dog.

Some designs are from fans, others we commission from amazing illustrators and some we just make up ourselves that we think are fun and want to wear ourselves.